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Walker Park

Walker Park is a vibrant spot tucked away in the area of Hialeah, carrying the legacy of James Silas Walker, a former city councilman affectionately known as “Pop”. Covering 8.3 acres, this park offers an array of facilities including three lighted basketball courts, a baseball field, an e-library, a community swimming pool, and a playground that bubbles with the laughter of children. It also houses a daycare center and a recreation building, serving as a cornerstone for family-friendly activities in the area of Hialeah

The park not only provides recreational opportunities but also contributes to the cultural fabric of the area of Hialeah. It’s home to the city’s Annual Jose Marti Parade, celebrating the influence of the Cuban patriot on the community, and features a monument honoring the Federation of Exiled Cuban Freemasons. These elements highlight the park’s role in fostering community spirit and celebrating local heritage in the area of Hialeah​.

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