4 Benefits of the iWave Air Purifier

June 18, 2022

Healthy indoor air quality is essential for your respiratory system. The iWave Air Purifier creates an ionic wave to destroy harmful pollutants in your environment. It eliminates viruses and bacteria and neutralizes bad odors. Here are the benefits of installing an iWave Air Purifier in Pembroke Pines, FL:

Easy Installation

Firstly, the iWave air purifier is small and easily fits within your ductwork. You can also install it with magnet mounts if you want it stuck on a different platform. Even though installation is easy, you should still consult an HVAC professional.


The iWave Air Purifier comes with a self-cleaning ionization needle. What’s more, its components don’t require replacement or maintenance. You can schedule the air purifier’s emitter brushes for a self-cleaning routine two to four times a week. By doing so, you’ll keep your device operating effectively.

Eliminates Bacteria and Viruses

This model uses ionization technology to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Its ionized waves strip their hydrogen atoms. This technology helps create healthy indoor air quality by reducing the probability of catching a cold, flu and other infections. As a result, you can cut the number of times you fall ill and deal with respiratory issues.

Neutralizes Bad Odors

Bad odors, smoke and gases such as formaldehyde affect your indoor air quality. The iWave Air Purifier effectively reduces and eliminates these indoor air pollutants through its bipolar ionization technology.

No Harmful Byproducts

Finally, the iWave Air Purifier employs ionization technology that breaks down and neutralizes gases and other pollutants into harmless compounds such as water vapor and oxygen. Through this technology, the device functions in an environmentally friendly manner by not creating harmful residues.

The iWave Air Purifier is an excellent investment for your home and office. It helps to improve indoor air quality and eliminates any disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Although its installation is a simple procedure, it’s important to hire a professional. If you’re looking for expert iWave installation services, call Cool Running Air today. We look forward to hearing from you and improving your IAQ!

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