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Hialeah, FL Cool Running Air

Hialeah, a city with a name that sings of beauty, meaning “pretty prairie,” is steeped in rich cultural heritage. It’s a place where the Hispanic community, particularly Cuban Americans, is woven deeply into the fabric of everyday life. The pioneering efforts of individuals like Glenn Curtiss and James H. Bright in the 1920s gave birth to iconic landmarks such as the Hialeah Park Race Track, embedding a spirit of vitality and celebration in the city.

Cool Running Air, an HVAC company established in Hialeah, embodies this spirit of service and community. Since 2011, they have been ensuring that homes and businesses enjoy the comfort of cool air in the Florida heat, backed by decades of experience, family values, and a commitment to being there for their customers around the clock. Their bilingual service is a nod to the city’s diverse linguistic landscape, making them a trusted name in the community for all air conditioning needs.


Business Information:

Cool Running Air
2125 W 76 Street, Hialeah, Fl 33016

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