4 HVAC Tips for Living the Most Energy-Efficient Year of Your Life

January 6, 2021

Do you want to save energy and become a greener homeowner without sacrificing comfort? With the HVAC systems and services available today, it’s easier than ever before. Here are four HVAC tips for living the most energy-efficient year of your life:

Change Your HVAC Filter Every Month

This tip is more of a reminder than a revelation. Of the few maintenance tasks that homeowners can complete without professional help, changing the filter is the most important. That’s because a clean filter helps your HVAC system operate at peak efficiency, which translates to fewer breakdowns and lower energy bills.

Use Your Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

Ceiling fans don’t generate hot or cold air, but they can help distribute the conditioned air your HVAC system has blown into your living spaces. Doing this can help to even the temperature around the home and prevent the HVAC system from running to compensate for uneven conditions. In the winter, your ceiling fans should rotate in a clockwise direction. In the summer, they should rotate in a counterclockwise direction to push cool air downward.

Upgrade to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Manual thermostats are a thing of the past. Today’s programmable and smart thermostats include many features to help you become an energy-efficient homeowner, including automated programming, maintenance reminders and remote control capabilities. By optimizing when and how your HVAC system operates, you’ll save energy and money.

Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

You don’t have to worry about when you’ll schedule maintenance for your HVAC system when you sign up for our maintenance agreement. We’ll do the worrying and hard work on your behalf. We’re experts at servicing all makes and models of HVAC equipment, including air conditioners and heaters. To learn more about our HVAC maintenance services and other energy-saving tips, contact Cool Running Air today. Our team looks forward to assisting you.

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