5 Tips for Using Your Heat Pump in Hollywood, FL, Efficiently

January 14, 2023

While heat pumps provide exceptionally efficient heating, they’ll lose it without some intentional effort on your part. There are some specific actions you can take to help improve or maintain your efficiency. Consider these five tips for using your heat pump in Hollywood, FL, at peak efficiency:

Set It and Forget It

Unlike furnaces, heat pumps operate at peak efficiency when left at a constant temperature rather than running programs. Once you find a comfortable setting, leave it for the season to keep your system running efficiently.

Pay Attention to Comfort, Not the Set Temperature

When you’re new to using a heat pump, it’s hard not to approach operating it like a furnace. However, they operate completely differently, not putting out the same level of heat during heating cycles. Ignore the temperature setting on the thermostat, and find a setting that’s comfortable.

Don’t Use Auto Mode Over the Cold Winter

Heat pumps have an Auto Mode, which automatically switches the unit between heating and cooling mode. While this may prove helpful in the spring and fall it can kill your summer and winter efficiency. Constantly switching between the modes may also increase the number of heat pump repairs your system requires.

Check Your Filters Monthly

Your heat pump filter is one of the most important parts of maintaining your unit’s efficiency. Plan to check it monthly, and replace it when it becomes dirty.

This may range from 30 days to several months. If you have a ductless mini-split system, wash off the dust filter every month.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear

You must also keep your outdoor pump clear so that air can freely flow through it. Keep any vegetation and debris back at least 24 inches, including above it to allow for effective ventilation.

Keep your heat pump running efficiently year after year by properly maintaining it. Call to schedule heat pump maintenance services with one of our dependable service technicians at Cool Running Air.

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