Are My Pets Ruining My Indoor Air Quality in Sunrise, FL?

April 12, 2022

Having pets in your home is great, but they can affect your indoor air quality and reduce your comfort. Animals shed their fur or bring particles in from the outdoors. As a result, they can cause allergic reactions and negatively affect your health. Here are some more ways your pets can impact your indoor air quality in Sunrise, FL:

Pet Dander

Pet dander includes tiny pieces of skin that cats, dogs or other pets with fur or feathers shed. It’s lightweight and floats in the air for a long time. You can inhale it or it can accumulate on surfaces in your home.

Pet dander circulated by your HVAC system can reduce your indoor air quality. It also clogs your system’s filters, making it work harder to heat or cool your home, leading to higher energy bills.

Protein From Pets’ Excretions

Saliva, urine and feces from cats and dogs contain proteins that trigger allergies in certain people. The particles can stick on furniture, fabrics or other surfaces in your home and negatively affect your health. Vacuuming your home thoroughly with a HEPA filter can eliminate indoor air contaminants.

You can also improve your indoor air quality by installing air purifiers in your home. There are various types and sizes, including whole-house and portable models. Air purifiers can help get rid of air pollutants that may trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Dirt From Pets

Pets tend to wander in the outdoors and bring dirt inside your home. Ensure that you bathe your dog regularly, and avoid sleeping in the same bed. Moreover, grooming your pets can limit them from shedding and spreading too much fur and dander that may trigger allergies.

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