How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Your Business in Sunrise, FL

October 8, 2021

Indoor air quality is important because most people spend about 90% of their time inside. Air quality pollutants can be higher inside than outside at some points and can cause illness. IAQ impacts your business in many ways and can affect the health and productivity of your employees in Sunrise, FL.

Common Sources of Poor IAQ

Human emissions such as breathing, bacteria, viruses, hair loss and dead skin cells contribute to the air quality of your business. Equipment in businesses such as markers, computers, printers and paper can release volatile components into the air. Building materials can add volatile organic components and lower your indoor air quality.

Using cleaning agents such as disinfectants, perfumes and solvents for a long period can contaminate your indoor air quality. Some businesses could have combustion pollution from open fires, kitchens or tobacco contributing to their lower IAQ . Outside sources include vehicle exhaust or gas seeping into the soil.

HVAC Maintenance Improves IAQ

Maintaining your HVAC system is key to improving your business’s air quality. Your system cools, heats and moves air through the ductwork. Our HVAC professionals replace dirty filters and clean ductwork to lower the pollutants in the air.

Your ventilation system has a unique design compared to your building design amount of people inside daily. A proper tuneup of all the parts of your HVAC unit will increase the air quality of your business. Outside pollutants can get inside, but you can control other pathways by ventilating elevator shafts, utility chases and stairwells.

Poor IAQ Affects Health

Poor indoor air quality makes employees less mentally acute and lowers their productivity. While employees are less capable, your customers are less likely to use your business. Poor indoor air quality causes sicknesses such as nausea, headaches, nasal irritation and loss of concentration.

Better IAQ helps stop sick building syndrome, which is when pollutants travel through your ductwork. You’ll keep customers comfortable and people with breathing issues safe. With fewer sick days and healthier employees, your business’s productivity goes up.

Other factors affect your IAQ besides pollutants in the air. Odors, temperature, air velocity, artificial light glare and sunlight glare are all factors that change your indoor air quality and pollutants. If you have questions about HVAC maintenance or IAQ in Sunrise, FL, call us at Cool Running Air to schedule an appointment today.

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