How to Minimize the Strain on Your AC System in Parkland, FL

July 18, 2023

Your air conditioner in Parkland, FL, should operate at peak performance all year round. However, this can be a challenge due to the hot and humid weather experienced in the area. Here are some tips on how to minimize the strain on your AC system:

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Change the air filter every month or two to keep your system clean and free from dirt and debris. A clogged air filter can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner since it restricts the airflow. Replacing the filter regularly can help ensure your AC system runs at its best.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help adjust your home’s temperature based on when you’re away or at home. This way, you can save on electricity costs while reducing the strain on your AC system since it won’t run continuously.

Clean Coils and the Condenser Unit

Regularly have the coils and the condenser unit of your AC system cleanaed to ensure they are free from any dirt and dust. This will help your air conditioner to run more efficiently since it won’t work harder to cool down your home. Your service technician will have the right tools and cleaning solutions for cleaning your AC system.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

AC systems strain because of wear and tear, so schedule regular maintenance to prevent major repairs or damage. A service technician should check and clean the system, inspect for malfunctions and replace worn-out parts to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance. Maintenance visits will also help detect potential issues before they become more serious.

Use all possible means to minimize the strain on your AC system to increase efficiency and prevent expensive air conditioning repairs. Contact Cool Running Air for any AC repairs and maintenance you need.

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