Make Sure Your HVAC System is Prepped for Hurricane Season

July 3, 2021

The hurricane season in Coral Springs, FL, happens between June and November. The storms hit more violently in September, and while you can’t prevent them, some preparedness measures can reduce the damage. Below are four proven ways to prepare your HVAC system for hurricane season.

Trim Dead Trees and Limbs

The high-speed hurricane winds and heavy storms could destructively cut down dead trees and damaged tree limbs. If they fall on your HVAC unit, the limbs and branches can cause severe damage. In preparing your HVAC system for hurricane season, cut and clean off all damaged limbs or dead trees.

Shut Off Your HVAC System Before the Storm

You must shut off your HVAC system from the main power switch. Detach the HVAC unit’s power cable from the main switch. Don’t forget to turn off the circuit breakers controlling your HVAC system.

Detaching your HVAC system entirely from the power minimizes chances of electricity-triggered damages. It minimizes electrical surges and protects your HVAC system from damage, too.

Cover Your Exterior HVAC System

Cover the exterior HVAC system using sturdy material such as a tarp. It’s one way to protect your HVAC system from the damage caused by flying sticks, heavy rains and mud.

After the storm is over, don’t turn on your HVAC system before you’ve assessed the damage. Explore the unit carefully and call your AC repair service technician once you notice anything abnormal.

Get a Service Technician to Check Your HVAC System

Hurricanes bring about extreme lashing that could leave a poorly conditioned HVAC damaged. In preparing for this unfavorable weather, hire an HVAC professional for preventive maintenance service. Get your HVAC system checked for any underlying issues before the hurricane season begins.

Service technicians will identify and tighten any loose components. They also seal and fix spots that may allow water into your HVAC system. Additionally, the service technician may also raise the unit to higher ground to minimize water damage issues.

One sure way to keep your HVAC system healthy during the hurricane season is to have it checked by a professional. Our service technicians are pioneers in this game. Reach out to Cool Running Air for prompt assistance on all your HVAC repair and maintenance services.

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