Problems With Your AC System? Check These Things Before Calling Us

May 12, 2021

When you live in Hialeah, FL, you know that air conditioning is almost as essential to living as food and water. If your AC system stops blowing cold air, check these things before calling us for an emergency air conditioner repair:


The thermostat is the central hub of your HVAC system. It dictates when it turns on and off and whether it blows hot or cold air. If your AC system isn’t blowing cold air, make sure you’ve set the fan to “AUTO” rather than “ON.” Also, replace the batteries and check that you’ve set the thermostat at a lower temperature than how your home feels.


Perhaps your ductwork has cracks that are allowing conditioned air to escape before it has the chance to enter your living spaces. Leaky ductwork won’t only impact comfort. It’ll cause your air conditioner to run longer as it attempts to reach the temperature on the thermostat, leading to higher energy bills. Consider investing in our custom sheet metal fabrication service to ensure the design and installation of your ductwork meets your home’s cooling demands.


Ideally, you should check your air conditioner’s filter every month and change it when necessary. A clogged filter will hinder your air conditioner’s efficiency and result in higher cooling costs. It’ll also impact indoor air quality.

Outdoor Unit

The exterior portion of your air conditioning system sits outside in the elements. Over time, debris can create blockages that impact how well your AC system cools your home. Inspect the outdoor unit and clean any surrounding debris. Your outdoor unit should have about two feet of clearance around it without anything sitting on top of it.

Other problems like a refrigerant leak and a clogged condensate drain line can also cause your AC system to stop blowing cold air. It’s best to leave these repairs to a professional, though. Contact Cool Running Air today to schedule your AC repair. We’ll resolve the underlying issue and restore your comfort as soon as possible.

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