What’s HVAC Scenting, and Why Should You Schedule This Service?

February 21, 2021

HVAC systems perform essential functions in your Deerfield Beach, FL, home or business. You might be surprised to learn that they can also deliver a pleasant sent to the indoor space. This is called HVAC scenting, and it’s a new solution that could improve the enjoyment of your home or commercial space.

What’s HVAC Scenting?

Firstly, HVAC scenting is the process of using the air conditioning system’s air handler and ducts to diffuse a scent throughout an indoor space. There are residential and commercial scenting units. The cold-air diffusion atomizer evenly distributes the scent. They require little to no maintenance and last for a long time.

Types of HVAC Scents

You can choose from a variety of scents to use in your HVAC system. Businesses, such as famous coffee shops and retailers, typically use scents that invoke pleasant memories. This sensory enhancement makes customers more likely to make a purchase. Some available scents include autumn leaves, evergreen trees, citrus and floral options. There are also scents that smell like baking apple pies or fresh rain.

Reasons to Consider HVAC Scenting

If you already practice aromatherapy or use scents for relaxation, HVAC scenting makes this method of mindfulness more convenient. You won’t have to fuss with messy waxes, oils or diffusers. You also won’t have to worry about unattended candles or outlets that are used with scent burners. HVAC diffusers deliver the scent to your entire home or building, so you can enjoy it in every room. Many scenting systems coordinate with your WiFi network, so you can change the setting with an app on your smartphone.

HVAC scent delivery systems offer an opportunity to enjoy a more relaxing indoor environment. The scents are made from thoroughly tested, natural and safe ingredients. At Cool Running Air, we install these systems in homes and businesses. For more details about HVAC scenting, reach out to us today.

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