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Coral Springs, FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Your home’s air conditioning system is one of your most valued possessions. It works hard to keep your family feeling comfortable during the hottest and most humid months of the year in Coral Springs, FL. That’s why you must hire an HVAC contractor whom you can trust to take care of it. Cool Running Air is a family-owned company that’s been in business since 2011, and we have decades of combined mechanical experience.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair in Coral Springs, FL

Are you shopping for a new air conditioner? To maximize efficiency and energy savings, you must select a system that’s the right size for your home or small business in Coral Springs, FL. The AC technicians at Cool Running Air know how to perform the correct calculations to determine the best unit and can install it to ensure effective operation.

Is your air conditioner blowing hot air? Don’t wait for the problem to go away on its own. Cool Running Air offers 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair service. Our AC technicians repair central air conditioners, heat pumps and ductless mini-splits.

Indoor Air Quality Products and Duct Cleaning in Coral Springs, FL

Maintaining clean air inside your home or small business in Coral Springs, FL, is vital to the health of your family, employees or customers. Cool Running Air carries and installs a wide range of indoor air quality solutions, and we offer duct cleaning service.

Light Commercial HVAC Installation and Repair in Coral Springs, FL

Do you own a small business in Coral Springs, FL? You need how important your air conditioning system is to your bottom line. After all, you must keep your customers and employees comfortable to succeed. Cool Running Air specializes in light commercial HVAC installations of up to 25 tons. We also perform commercial repairs and maintenance.

Do you need service in Coral Springs, FL? Contact Cool Running Air today.

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